Log in at My VMware to manage license keys, Support Requests and downloads. At My VMware you can:

  • View Your Support Requests – Check the status of any support requests, request a status update, update a support request, or close a support request.
  • View Your Products – View all of your VMware product license keys, whether or not they have been registered, and the support level associated with each.
  • View Any Pending Pre-Paid Support Requests – If you've purchased Per Incident Requests, check this page to see which have been used or are available for requesting support.
  • License Tracker Tool – Track the status of VMware product serial numbers; you can view quantity, contract status, support level and upgrade history.
  • Manage License Keys – View and manage license keys by product or folder.
  • Get Support – If needed, file a support request.

You can also:

  • Use the SnS Extension Estimator – Determine whether you will receive a support contract extension when upgrading your license.
  • Search the Knowledge Base – Search for troubleshooting information for all released VMware products.
  • Find Product Documentation – Browse product documentation and release notes for all currently released VMware products.
  • Review Technical Resources – Browse white papers, technical notes, compatibility guides and other technical information for all currently released VMware products.
  • Join a Community – Share information and experience with other users regarding setup, features, and technical problems with the VMware software.

Partners: Check Your Support Code

Please enter a a pre-paid support serial number into the appropriate field below to allow us to determine if you are entitled to support.