Maximize the value of your VMware investments

Ensure your organization is prepared to take full advantage of your VMware investments and help you attain your long-term business and technology objectives. VMware Technical Account Management Services accelerate time to value of your VMware products and solutions, optimize operations to realize cost savings and will equip your organization with proven methodologies and exclusive tools to keep pace with rapid technology changes.

Comprehensive Technical Account Management Activities and Programs 


  • Proactive focal point into VMware
  • Embedded within the team
  • Continuous focus on achieving and aligning IT goals with the business


  • Health checks
  • People/process readiness
  • Coordination across professional services, product management, engineering
  • Issue coordination, escalation and resolution


  • Success strategies that use industry-specific best practices from leading organizations
  • ROI acceleration on technology investments
  • Business outcome-focused plans and execution


  • Exclusive access to events and content
  • Early access to products and solutions

Deliverables that Drive Results


Assessments and Plans

?Assess technology, process and skills capabilities against industry performance metrics and create outcome-focused roadmaps and plans.


Best Practices Review

?Identify systems performance optimization opportunities using known best practices.


Progress and Results Review

Confirm activities are aligned with stated business goals and priorities.

Technical Account Management Services provide demonstrable ROI



Through in-depth customer interviews and data aggregation using their Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, Forrester Consulting concluded that VMware Technical Account Management Services have has the following three year impact:

301% ROI

$2.8M NPV

< 6 month payback

Technical Account Management Services benefits cited by customers in the study:

  • Better access to VMware resources
  • Better strategic planning
  • Better VMware solution utilization and performance
  • 10% VMware-related internal effort reduction

See the Forrester Study for more detail. Infographic  Executive Summary

Customers Optimize Their Investments with VMware TAM Services 


Nebraska Medicine


Heidelberg Cement

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

A TAM is part of the VMware Professional Services organization who is a highly skilled advocate and advisor who comes to intimately know your organization and its objectives. The TAM acts as an extension of your team, equipping your organization with proven methodologies and exclusive tools to supply deep insights, mitigate risks, and identify areas for technical alignment and optimization.


Specialist TAMs

Specialist TAMs are complementary to the TAM role but are highly skilled in a specific technology discipline. They have in-depth familiarity with your business and environment, so they can customize technology adoption and optimize operations.


Lead TAMs

Organizations with multiple business units, cross-functional transformation initiatives and distributed TAMs or specialist TAMs typically employ a Lead TAM to ensure global coordination and optimization of VMware technologies.


Virtual TAMs

A virtual TAM provides services remotely to small and medium-sized organizations.

The right fit for your organization

Technical Account Management Services are sized to the scale and complexity of the business—1 day per week, 2 1/2 days per week or 5 days per week. Lead TAMs are provided 5 days per week. Virtual TAMs are provided for 1/2 day per week.